Demonstrating Impact with St. Nicks Alliance and Change Capital Fund

Change Capital Fund has been investing in helping nonprofits demonstrate their impact. The data collection to make that happen can be a heavy lift, but staff members with St. Nick’s Alliance say that when it comes to improving outcomes for young people in their after school programs, it’s worth it. We invited Debra Sue Lorenzen, director of youth and education with the community development corporation Saint Nicks Alliance and Change Capital Fund member Kate Dempsey, who is also the director of strategy and operations for the mayor’s office for economic opportunity to talk with us about this work.


With the release of New York City Mayor de Blasio’s executive budget looming, we sat down with Jennifer Jones-Austin, CEO and Executive Director of FPWA, to discuss where the nonprofit sector stands following the approval of the New York State budget and what her network of organizations will be looking for and advocating around as the city budget moves toward finalization.

Denham Wolf on Making Real Estate Decisions

Are you in the right neighborhood? Were you in the right neighborhood but now the neighborhood around you has changed? There are a lot of things for a nonprofit to consider when making real estate decisions. And For 20 years, Real estate firm Denham Wolf has worked with clients from Ifetayo Cultural Center to the Robin Hood Foundation to facilitate the kinds of transactions that help house programs.  Co-Presidents Jon Denham and Paul Wolf joined us to talk about making real estate decisions with your mission in mind.

Accounting for Revenue with BDO

Are those contract dollars you just received an exchange transaction or a contribution?  BDO’s nonprofit accounting experts joined us to talk about attempts by the Financial Accounting Standards Board to settle that question and resolve other discrepancies related to how revenue is classified. They also lay out a seven-step plan detailing what you’ll need to do to make sure you’re in compliance.  

Unite Us: Building Networks to Address Social Determinants of Health

In terms of measuring your impact, wouldn’t it be helpful to know, in real time, that the client who came to your senior center for a meal successfully connected with the health clinic and rent assistance program you referred them to? Or that the homeless family whose children you serve through your after school program has found an apartment – even if it’s out of state?

The co-founders of Unite Us joined us to talk about the software they’ve created that could potentially do all of that by building networks of clinical and social services providers to address social determinants of health.

Calling Out Disparities in Child Wellbeing Across New York City

Change takes time, but childhood does not last forever. A tool like Citizens Committee for Children of New York’s annual ranking of how each community district is addressing children’s well-being is useful to help child welfare nonprofits press their most high-priority needs. CCC’s executive director Jennifer March joins us to walk through the trends identified in this year’s report – and talk about why change has been so slow to come to some neighborhoods.

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Do your staff members get to hear you sing them happy birthday on their special day? Do they all have your home phone number so they can call you in an emergency? These are just a few of the tools Alan van Capelle, executive director of the Educational Alliance, uses to show his staff members that he’s invested in them. He joined us in the CEO Corner to talk about his leadership style, and how he has tried to improve the working environment and overall operation of his nonprofit.

Improving the City’s Procurement Process for Human Services Nonprofits

The Nonprofit Resiliency Committee was launched by Mayor Bill de Blasio in September, 2016 to help improve collaboration and communication between the city and human services nonprofits. We invited Jennifer Geiling, associate director of the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services and executive director of the resiliency committee, to join us for an NYN Media Insights podcast about the committee’s work.


Alexandra Cox is a lecturer in sociology at the University of Essex and the author of Trapped in a Vise: The Consequences of Confinement for Young People. The book begins in 2003 when she became a caseworker in the public defender’s office in Harlem. She’s worked in criminal justice reform including with raise the age and close to home program in New York.

She joins us to give a crash course in how juvenile justice in the state has yet to escape a century-old habit of often doing more harm than good – as well as how kids across the state stand to lose if proposed state budget cuts to Close to Home go through.

Leading New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services Through Challenging Times

David Hansell’s first year as commissioner of the Administration for Children’s Services started with leading the agency through a time of intense scrutiny as he replaced Gladys Carrion following a number of high profile deaths of children in the agency’s care. Now he’s fighting to avoid proposed state budget cuts that would thwart many initiatives – such as Close to Home – that the agency has been trying to advance. The Commissioner talked with us about meeting those challenges and some of the things that have happened in between.